1MoreGame 22: How to Stream Games with a Mac

We just finished participating in an Extra-Life 2017 Twitch stream with partners of Rocket Punch! Together we raised over $1000 for the Children’s Miracle Network! During one of our streams, we were asked by a viewer how we set our Macs up to stream to Twitch – so we thought

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Extra-Life 2017

In 20 minutes we go live on our Twitch channel in support of Extra-Life 2017 – all funds donated go to Duke Children’s Hospital in Durham, NC. Every little donation helps! If you are unable to donate, still come on by and say hello! Our block time is from 10am

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1MoreGame 21: Finally Turned The Switch

The XB1X finally releases and the results are surprising for those of us still rocking a 1080p. Dan bought something he *thought* he would never buy… a Nintendo Switch. Turns out, he kind of likes it! This episode was recorded Nov 12… before the EA/Star Wars Battlefront II lootbox fiasco.

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