1MoreGame 17: Inspiration or Ripoff?

WE ARE ALIVE! After real life took its toll on us, we’re finally able to get our act together and get recording! A lot to talk about this week… topics include Rocket League – New season Loot Boxes – The ESRB says it’s not gambling Fortnite Battle Royale vs PlayerUnknown’s

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1MoreGame 16: Destiny 2 Trials/Raid – and Stranger Things?!?

The Destiny 2 raid went live! We share our initial experience on that and the return of Trials. Randomly we discuss the producers of Stranger Things sending a cease and desist letter to a Chicago bar, but it turns out like no one expected… and the big Minecraft update! This

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1MoreGame 15: Destiny 2

Well this one took a bit longer than we planned to record and release… simply due to the fact we couldn’t break away from Destiny 2 long enough to record it! Yes… we are back to being Destiny addicts. This episode we’re joined by @chef_doubleshot for our self-proclaimed expert opinions

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1MoreGame 14: Game of Thrones, Shadow of Mordor Style!

After our obligatory thoughts on the Game of Thrones season finale and McGregor/Mayweather quick talk, we dive into GAMES! What if we had a Shadow of Mordor style Game of Thrones games? We’d love it! Does Everybody Golf? Dan does! How about the International Olympic Committee closing the door on

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1MoreGame 13: Gamescom 17… and the MS Office World Championship??

1MoreGame Podcast – Ep 13 Back on the grind! Whats happening? The Microsoft Office World Championship!!! Oh, and Gamescom 2017. We’re talking some of the highlights out of that, including: XBox One X/XB1X Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Age of Empires That’s You/Party Games! Destiny 2 Trials: Fusion AND MORE! 1MoreGame Podcast

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1MoreGame 12: eSports, Real Sports?

This episode we’re talking eSports!! In this (very) opinionated episode, we’re looking at how eSports compare to traditional sports…. or do they? We’re talking about how virtual athletes compare to their more physical counterparts and the possibility that we’ll see eSports in the Olympics one day. Put the RedBull and

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