1MoreGame 11: Runbow, Slime Rancher, Hellblade and more!

1MoreGame Podcast – Ep 11 This week’s topics: XBox Live Games with Gold – Runbow, Slime Rancher Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Destiny 2 PvP Update Horror Games!! 1MoreGame Podcast is a weekly video game podcast hosted by a couple of Dads who love to game and love to talk about them.

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1MoreGame 10: MORE D2, Tacoma, Fortnite and Early Access Games

We’ve hit double digits! Episode 10! Thanks for listening. This week, IGN released more Destiny 2 videos – so of course we have to talk about that. We’ve also got a quick update our progress with Fortnite. Mickey also talks about Tacoma, a new space narrative adventure brought to you

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1MoreGame 9: Destiny 2 Beta Impressions, Fortnite Talk!!!!

The Destiny 2 beta is finally upon us! Seeing as Destiny is our favorite FPS, why wouldn’t we offer our (semi) professional opinions? Fortnite is quickly climbing up the popular release ranks, Josh joins the show and joins in on the conversation on our thoughts on Fortnite as well. *Note*

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1MoreGame 8: Interview with America’s Army: Proving Grounds Developer Casey Bradley

This week we spoke with Casey Bradley, game developer on America’s Army: Proving Grounds for PS4. We discussed how he came to develop games, influences, game development in general, and of course, a lot about AA:PG. Weapon balancing, level design, competitive PvP, and much, much more, its all here. You

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1MoreGame 7: New D2 Video Reactions, Raids in GTA5, Spider-Man and more

Episode 7 – the Man-Flu can’t keep me down! This week we’ve got our reactions to the new Destiny 2 videos posted by IGN, some talk about Dawn Raid in GTA5, updates on Star Wars BF2, and some talk about the new Spider-Man shown at E3. 1MoreGame Podcast is a

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1MoreGame 6: Participate/Precipitate….

Episode 6 – we finally managed to get together and record episode 6 despite scheduling conflicts/dad duties/real life obligations! It’s a Christmas miracle! This week we bring a lengthy discussion on the words ‘participate’ and ‘precipitate,’ along with some game stuff! We’re talking some Destiny 2 (of course), Star Wars

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