1MoreGame 33: Developers Vs Streamers Vs Twitch, And Violence In Video Games.

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Episode 33

This Episode on the 1MoreGame Podcast Jay and Mickey talk about an array of things. Are the Developers of video games getting taken advantage of by successful twitch streamers? Are Video Games the root cause of Violence?

Topics for this Episode:

  • Recent Played Games
  • Upcoming March Releases
  • Developers Vs. Streamers
  • Violence in Video Games


1MoreGame Podecast is a weekly video game podcast hosted by a couple Dads who love to game and love to talk about them. We provide insight and opionions on what we’re playing and interview other players across diffferent platfroms and communities. Find us at http://www.1moregaming.com¬†for show links on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Stitcher- We’re also on Twitter @1moreGaming and Facebook- facebook.com/1moregaming – You can send comments/questions to Twitter or feedback@1moregaming.com

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