59: 1MoreGuardianCon

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#59 – 1MoreGame closer to 60! Jay brings back good tidings and post GuardianCon coverage!

  • GuardianCon 2019 – Recap!
  • Jay has some thoughts on Borderlands 3
  • Bet you haven’t seen a stream like this! Let Dan tell you about King Akira and his adventures in Kerbal Space Program
  • ProSettings.Net – SEE WHAT THE PROS USE!!! Really though, great resource to check out your favorite player’s controls and settings
  • Apex Legends: Season Two
  • Switch Lite… not really what we thought it was going to be.

Check out King Akira and learn things about rockets, space, and Kerbal Space Program @ twitch.tv/KingAkiraDotCom

1MoreGame Podcast is a PC and console game show hosted by a couple of Dads who escape to our microphones to discuss the latest news, trends, eSports, and games that you should (or shouldn’t) be playing next! Find us on the web at 1MoreGamePodcast.Com – Twitch.tv/1MoreGameCast – Twitter @1MoreGameCast

Hosts Dan/@adderollin and Jay/@saltycatgfx

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